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"A Message In The Roses is a story of social justice in the New South, brewed with generous portions of investigative and trial reporting and enough steamy romance to cook the petals off the roses."
Dirk Wyle, author of the Ben Candidi Mysteries

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"Once you start reading you can’t put this story down until you turn the last page. Sandy Semerad keeps you enthralled from the beginning to the end..." Beverley Bateman, author of "Fade To Black"

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"This story is surprising and spellbinding. I couldn't stop reading until the last page. I loved the locale and the character and of course the story. I didn't want it to end. Hurricane House definitely deserves five stars. A must read if you love mysteries" - A book review from Smashwords.com.

A Message In The Roses

"A Message in the Roses is both lovely and exciting, a nail biter to the quick. It brings a delightful combination of journalistic craft and romantic prose that warms the heart and steams up the room."
- Dave Straub, former CNN anchor, White House reporter / NBC, Presidential Adviser

"A Message In The Roses is a story of social justice in the New South, brewed with generous portions of investigative and trial reporting and enough steamy romance to cook the petals off the roses."
- Dirk Wyle, author of the Ben Candidi Mysteries

"A Message In The Roses review, at Ask David website.
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Sex, Love and Murder Reviews

(formerly titled Mardi Gravestone)

"An exciting mystery. . ."
- Romantic Times

"Highly Recommended. . ."
- Murder & Mayhem Book Club

"Highly recommended as a truly fun read, one that any mystery lover will enjoy. The settings will delight your inner eye and remind you of the lost civilization of the old south. This very talented author, Sandy Semerad, offers us something original and fun. Happy reading."

"From the French Quarter to the Garden District, from the St. Louis Cathedral to Charity Hospital, from the private masked balls to Mardi Gras street parades, Sandy Semerad knows New Orleans. Mardi Gravestone leaves a taste as unforgettable as shrimp gumbo. Into her steaming caldron, Semerad throws her journalist protagonist, a jazz musician, a graveyard psychic, a crystal necklace, and a pinch of presidential/vice-presidential politics..."
Dirk Wyle, author of AMAZON GOLD

"This book is solidly written with many excellent settings and background details. The lives of professional journalists and musicians are explored well."
- Bob Spear, Publisher and Chief Reviewer of Heartland Reviews

"Read this great new book called Mardi Gravestone, by Sandy Semerad. The book is about local New Orleans people with a slightly erotic context, a teasing mystery, a passionate musician, most of you know one, right, and a definite read. Be sure to visit www.nolalife.com to find out more..."
- Editor of New Orleans Bands. com, Thaddeus Frick.

"Mardi Gravestone is a wonderful story filled with intrigue, romance and a hint of paranormal. In this first novel, Sandy Semerad has written some great characters; Ben Comeaux, the cheesy, crooked cop, Mama Sis, whose not really any ones mama, and Katherine Georgia Wilson, the first female President..."
- Reviewed by Tina Burns for Road to Romance

"Ms. Semerad has written a story that takes the reader on a ride that has a surprise ending; you don't see what's coming. It's action packed and shows the sites of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The characters are well rounded and believable. There are a couple of scenes that made me chuckle out loud. One where she is explaining to Billy Joe what she is doing, she is swooshing, that whenever she has a problem she swooshes, putting her arms out, palms up then throwing her arms above her head, he doesn't want her swooshing him. The other is when Lilah and Angela are getting ready to watch TV, Angela wants to watch The Shining, and Lilah is against it. The romance between Jay and Lilah show how two people who'd lost their loves can still find love, it's gentle, warm and refreshing."
- Read the entire Fallen Angel review: www.fallenangelreviews.com


Hurricane House

"5 stars--a must read mystery. . ."
- Midwest Book Review

5 out of 5 stars  An excellent pick for mystery fans, not to be overlooked, July 9, 2011 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

This review is from: Hurricane House (Paperback) When fiction is too close to fact, suspicion surges quickly. "Hurricane House" tells the story of Maeva Larson as she ponders the deaths of two women and the disappearance of two more after a nasty hurricane strikes Florida and leaves her suspecting foul play. As she finds a mystery writer whose stories run closely parallel with the case, her hopes may lie on a talented dog to give her the answers she needs. "Hurricane House" is an excellent pick for mystery fans, not to be overlooked.

"Gripping tale of kidnapping and murder, 4.5 stars. . ."
- Romantic Times

"The forces of nature become a primary character in this gripping tale of kidnapping and murder. Told from multiple points of view, including Maeva’s first-person POV, as well as victims’ and other third-person POVs, the story moves rapidly to an amazing conclusion.
SUMMARY: Maeva Larson is a catastrophe insurance investigator who discovers the body of Miss Florida where she vacations on Paradise Isle. That’s just the beginning of her problems. There’s a major hurricane bearing down on the Gulf, then another body is found. When two other women go missing and the storm is eradicating clues, Maeva must rely on her skills to find the missing women. She turns to mystery writer Sean Redmond, who lives in the community and has pursued her relentlessly. Some of his latest fiction is eerily close to the current events, which causes her to doubt him as a confidant. She gets help from an unusual source in the form of a black dog named Onyx." (Books We Love Publishing Partners).
Romantic Times Reviewer: Donna M. Brown

"Read Hurricane House, wonderfully Macabre, a crackling mystery , though I'd  recommend you start reading it only on a sunny day and in a location  where you feel safe."
Award-winning author and teacher Jeremiah Healy

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